Equipment Rental

Portable Processing Equipment

The Co-op has portable processing equipment that Co-op members may rent: a scalder, a picker/plucker, and various sized cones with a stand – all from Featherman. All of the portable equipment fits easily into a small pickup truck.

Rental Pricing

Portable processing equipment is available for Co-op members to rent.  Producer/Grower members may rent the equipment an unlimited number of times per year, subject to availability. Hobbyist/Student members may rent the equipment up to two (2) times per year, subject to availability. Members may also rent poultry crates and purchase disposable scalpels.

Rental cost is $40 for each session (up to 48 hours) plus 25 cents per bird processed. There is a $35 deposit due when the equipment is picked up. The deposit is refundable when the equipment is returned in good condition or the deposit may be applied to the rental charges.

Mobile Poultry Processing Unit

The Kitsap Poultry Growers Co-op is working to finance the purchase of a Mobile Poultry Processing Unit (MPPU) for our area. The MPPU is a certified mobile food processing facility that is designed to be shared by multiple Growers. The MPPU offers Growers the opportunity to upgrade to the Washington State Department of Agriculture (WSDA) Food Processor License by using the MPPU as their certified processing facility.

With the Food Processor License, the Grower may sell birds at Farmers Markets, may sell to local grocery stores, may sell frozen birds, and may sell cut pieces. Without the Food Processor License, the Grower is limited to selling fresh, whole birds directly to the end consumer from their farm within 48 hours of slaughter.

Without the MPPU, each Grower who wants to upgrade to the Food Processor License must build a certified food processing facility on their farm and may not share that facility with another Grower. With the MPPU, the Grower can share the cost of the MPPU facility with other Growers in the area.  Financing the acquisition and operation of the MPPU for our area is one of the chief goals of the Co-op.

How to rent the equipment

Contact our Equipment Coordinator to inquire about reserving the equipment or to schedule an equipment orientation.

Rental Forms
Forms to fill out to rent the equipment are coming soon!