About Us

Our mission is to support, educate &  advocate for producers & consumers of sustainable, locally grown poultry. We serve our members & the community in the following ways:

  • purchase, maintain & provide access to poultry processing equipment at affordable rates,
  • research, clarify & influence laws & regulations affecting locally produced poultry,
  • educate poultry producers & consumers about locally produced poultry,
  • develop markets for locally produced poultry products,
  • partner with like-minded organizations to promote a healthy local & regional food system.

Our Board of Directors and staff are all volunteers and the co-op is entirely self-supporting at the present time. Our membership and rental fees go toward maintaining our existing equipment, purchasing new equipment as needed and providing training and education.  Our current co-op members range from those just starting out to those who have been raising poultry for years to those who simply enjoy eating fresh, local poultry and eggs. We are continuing to work on organizational and regulatory matters, on funding a future mobile poultry processing unit (MPPU) and on developing our classes and training programs. We invite you to participate.

Board of Directors
President – Stuart Boyle, Creekside Family Farms
Vice President – Harley Soltes, Kingston Farm
Secretary – Ruthie Reinert, School Bell Farm
Treasurer – Michele Gilles, Creekside Family Farms
Director-at-large – Nikki Johanson, Pheasant Fields Farm
Director-at-large – Jerry Darnall, JJJ Farm
Director-at-large – Alex Williams

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