Tani Creek Waterfowl Farm: Young Adult Geese For Sale and Taking Orders for Holiday Duck and Goose

Tani Creek Waterfowl Farm has young adult geese available and is now taking orders for holiday duck and goose meat:

Extremely rare, certified organic Shetland geese $87.50 pair. Shetlands are the smallest domesticated goose with unsurpassed foraging ability and hardiness producing a fine grained meaty carcass. The Shetlands sell for $87.50 pair.

Endangered, heritage, and certified organic, our American Buff geese are a super calm, gentle and beautiful breed, medium heavyweight in size, they were originally developed for meat production. They sell for $87.50/pair.

Book your certified organic holiday goose or duck from any of the following heritage breeds: American (large), Pilgrim (medium) or Shetland (small) geese. Saxony (large) or Welsh Harlequin (small/med) ducks.

Contact: tanicreekwaterfowlfarm@gmail.com

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