Organically Raised Chickens &   Ducks Available

A young farming couple in our area has been asked to relocate their farming efforts from the land they currently lease. This means they must part with their organically fed heritage breed chicken and duck flocks. They have 2 year old Black Australorp hens for $15 each;   3 year old Egyptian Fayoumi hens,   Ancona hens,   one red undetermined-breed hen and one 3 year old New Hampshire rooster as well as one 4 year old Delaware hen for $10 each. The hens are all good layers,   and the rooster is not mean or super crowy. Also available are entertaining 3 year old Khaki Campbell egg laying ducks for $15 each. Willing to take the entire flock of chickens and/or ducks? Contact Jared &   Sara for special pricing.

Jared and Sara Hankins
Hand Sown Home Grown

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