Poultry Production & Poultry Processing Bus Tour – May 10th

WSDA Small Farm and Direct Marketing Program invites Farmers to attend this workshop:

Poultry Production and WSDA Poultry Processing Bus Tour
Tuesday, May 10th

Poultry production can be a highly profitable direct marketing strategy for small, diversified farms. Since there are specific regulations and licensing compliance needed to process and market poultry safely to consumers, this mobile workshop will provide a firsthand opportunity to learn about your options.

We will board our charter bus in the parking lot behind the Olympia Farmers Market and proceed to Tumwater to Kirsop Farm. Genine and Colin will guide us through the process of obtaining a Special Poultry Permit and explain the equipment that they use along with Kirsten Workman, WSU Ext. – Mason Co. From there we will travel to McCleary where Terry and Joan, G & H Pastured Poultry, will show off their new processing facility. Both of these farms produce and sell broilers and each will share their unique production system. While on the farm, host farmers will share in-depth coverage of the steps it takes to become licensed processors as well as regulations for direct marketing poultry. Business and financial planning will also be covered by producers. While on the bus we will discuss additional risk management tools, regulations and enterprise budgets.

To register and for more information go to: www.wsdapoultrytour.eventbrite.com.

For more information, visit www.smallfarms.wsu.edu

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