The Kitsap Poultry Growers Cooperative (KPGC) is an association of over 100 members; producers & consumers who are dedicated to promoting locally grown poultry in Kitsap County & the surrounding areas of western Washington. Stay tuned this year as we migrate to our new name, the Western Washington Poultry Farmers Cooperative (WWPFC), to better represent our membership.

We welcome all who are interested in poultry – from those new to raising chickens; to backyard producers & farmers; to 4H & FFA youth; to chefs,   foodies & others who enjoy eating fresh & local.

Heritage Turkey Raffle

On Thursday, October 16, at the Bremerton Farmers Market in Evergreen Park, WWPFC/KPGC held its Holiday Heritage Turkey Raffle. The raffle prizes were five (5) locally bred, pasture raised, heritage breed turkeys for the 2014 holiday season. The five lucky winners each received a turkey that was ready to cook for the holidays. These turkeys were among the first turkeys processed using WWPFC/KPGC’s new WSDA inspected Mobile Poultry Processing Unit (MPPU).

Thank you to all of our raffle volunteers, especially Linda Streissguth, Kitsap County Commissioner, for drawing the winning tickets.

Avian Influenza Found in Washington and Oregon

Avian Influenza (AI), also known as Avian Flu or Bird Flu, has been confirmed in the wild duck population in Washington State. A domestic flock of backyard guinea fowl and chickens has been found to be infected with Avian Influenza in Winston, Oregon.

Avian Influenza is viral illness that can infect chickens, turkeys, pheasants, quail, ducks, geese and guinea fowl, as well as a wide variety of other birds. Migratory waterfowl have proved to be a natural reservoir for the disease.

According to the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) there is no public health concern at this time. All poultry, poultry products and wild birds are safe to eat as long as they are properly handled and cooked thoroughly.

The Washington State Department of Agriculture (WSDA) is not concerned with any food safety issues but advises closely monitoring any birds which will be processed for consumption for the holidays.

Small farmers and backyard flock owners should practice basic biosecurity, learn to recognize the symptoms of Avian Influenza, and know who to contact if they suspect a bird may be infected.

Anyone seeing sickness in domestic birds is asked to contact the WSDA Avian Health Program at 1-800-606-3056. Wild birds that appear sick or are found dead should be reported to the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife (WDFW) at 1-800-606-8768. If you are concerned about illness in yourself or your family, please contact your doctor or the Washington State Department of Health at 1-800-525-0127.

WWPFC/KPGC members with questions about biosecurity and avian health may contact the the cooperative for assistance.

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